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Harvest Lockup

Harvest lockup limits the frequency of harvests to prevent pump and dump on the farms. It is a creative and unique farming rewards lockup mechanism that has been created by the development team of PantherSwap.
“Pump and dump” is not a rare sight in the crypto world. We see it happening all the time. Someone would shill a coin and everyone would invest in it. And when the initiator feels like it, they would sell their share of the coin. Crypto whales manipulate the market in a similar way.
So it makes sense why the platform would have a system in place to keep a check on arbitrage bots. After all, they could harvest and dump constantly—which is unfair for the rest of the traders on the platform.
By limiting the frequency of harvests, it ensures that even those bots would have to wait for a certain number of hours before they can harvest or dump.
Now, a thing to be noted here is that we are only talking about the farming rewards here. You can withdraw your tokens and LP tokens at any given point in time without having to worry about the farming rewards.